This site will help you navigate the DPW Work Request System, an interactive web application developed by the Frederick County GIS Team, powered by Geocortex Essentials and ESRI Map Services.

  1. Action Panel - Location of directions and map legend.
  2. Application Tools - Access more map tools and manipulations.
  3. Help Button - Link to our help page and a 508 compliance statement.
  4. Search Bar - Search for addresses of interest.
  5. Imagery Slider - Turn the imagery on and off using the toggle button.
  6. X/Y Coordinate Display - Displays X/Y coordinates in a variety of coordinate systems.

Repair Classification (return to top)

  New Request - Recently submitted request not yet reviewed by staff.

  Pending Request - Submitted request currently being addressed by county staff.

  CIP Request - Submitted request that will be addressed during the construction of a capitol improvement project.

  Transportation Engineering Request - Submitted request that will be addressed during the construction of a transportation engineering project.

Submit New DPW Work Request (return to top)

1. Select the location on the map where you would like submit a DPW work request.

  • If you need to find a specific road, use the Search Bar in the upper right hand corner of the application to find
    and zoom to your preferred road before selecting the location of your new work request.

  • When placing your request make sure to select a county maintained road, indicated with a green road. If your road is not green, when you place your request you will receive a notification that it is not county maintained and a number to contact regarding the maintenance, if available.

  • When placing your request, if the location is near two different roads or two different sections of the same road, you will be prompted to select the road you wish to use before imputing information for your work request.

2. The add details menu is where you will include all the pertinent information about the DPW Work Request. Be sure to follow all of the directions given in the menu.

  • You must submit a E-Mail Address or a Phone Number so that we may contact you regarding your request.
  • First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Or Phone, and Type are all required fields.
  • Please select a pertinent category to your request in order to display the correct Type menu.

  • If a request with the same type exists within a certain distance of another request the application will return an alert that request already exists. If you feel that this is not a duplicate request please contact the number listed in the alert.

3. You will now be asked if you would like to add any attachments to the specific work request.

4. If you choose Yes, you will be directed to a menu where you can upload an attachment to the work request.

5. After uploading the attachment your DPW Work Request has been successfully submitted. If you would like to add another, click Yes, if you are done, click No.

Application Tools Menu (return to top)

Submit New DPW Work Request - Submit a request for the Department of Public Works to review.

Display Legend - View the map legend.

Share - Share the current map on the most common social media.

Export - Save a map image.

Print - Create a printable version of the map.

Upload Data - Upload data layers from your computer on to the map.

Third Party Imagery - See Below

Contact Us - Allows users to provide feedback with the ability to add attachments.

Search & Help (return to top)

Click inside the tool to activate and start typing a road name. When you have completed typing, click enter or select the magnifying glass to perform the search. The results will display in the tab on the left side of the screen. Be sure to use postal code abbreviations for all address searches.

Ex. "12 E Church St"

Select the "i" button to view a link to our help page and 508 compliance statement.

Imagery (return to top)

Imagery Slider - Once the application has loaded, the imagery slider will appear in the lower left corner of the map space. This slider allows the user to transition between the Street Map and the newest Aerial Imagery. Slide the toggle to switch between the two views.

Historic Slider - To view the Historic Slider click the button that says Street/Aerial in the lower left corner of the map space. This will display a menu that will allow the user to choose between the Street/Aerial and the Historic imagery slider. Select the Historic slider and this menu will display. Slide the toggle to switch between the various years of historic imagery.

Third Party Imagery (return to top)

Select the 3rd Party Imagery icon from the Applications Tools menus and then select a location on the map. If this does not work, click the "Target Button" from the 3rd Party Imagery Menu to place your map icon. To toggle between different third party imagery services click the "Select Map" button in the top left corner and choose your option. Drag color-coded map icons around the map space to view different areas. Each 3rd Party Imagery service has its own map icon.

For best results, use Google Chrome.

Third party imagery is provided by Pictometry and Google Street View.

Change Log (return to top)